Starting in May 2016, I conducted 41 interviews for FinTech Made in Switzerland. With Andreas Kubli (UBS) and Marco Abele (Credit Suisse), the last conversations from the interview phase of the film are going live in the coming days. If you have a minute, you can watch these interviews here.

All interviews are unique and it is a great pleasure to watch them again while editing the film. Many thanks again to all interviewees and the many people and organizations that made these conversations possible.

The online premiere of the film will take place on November 16 2016 at 4 PM CET on this website. Since October the first trailer of the film is online.

The next weeks are busy with editing the film and mixing its audio and music. I am also working on a “Making Of” that will be online sometime later in November.

See the electronic press kit for the film here:

English version:

German version:

Chinese version:

Feel free to forward it to your press contacts or if you have an idea for a story about the film, contact me any time. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.